About Us



In 2017, I co-founded Coll Workshop LLC to create my own artistic work. Through this studio, I produced many drawings and paintings both in traditional and digital media. Some of the prints of my work are available through this website and more will be available soon. Beyond visual art, I wanted to share with like-minded people, other types of designs, in the form of jewelry, homewares, and everyday items that I found stimulating. With a background in visual arts, ceramics, and design, I strive to be surrounded by beauty. I strongly believe that art is the gateway to self-expression. It helps us better understand ourselves by allowing us to connect intimately with our deepest being. We show who we are in what we wear, in how we live, in what we think, and in how we express ourselves.


My goal in creating 305art.shop is to make beautiful pieces from around the globe affordable and accessible to all who value, appreciate, and desire artworks in their various different forms. At the same time, I also want to present everyday items, such as housewares, tees, and affordable jewelry that are fun, beautiful, inspiring, and even amusing. Anything from a funny quote on a mug to a delicately beautiful, well-priced scarf is game. 

305art.shop is for the person who, like me, shares a love of self-expression, art, and originality. We are the iconoclasts who need to express who we are. We are grounded by being surrounded by the art that connects us with ourselves and we live the powerful need to communicate to others who we are at our deepest levels.

You may also find when perusing 305art.shop that it is filled with many ocean and tropical themed items. There is a section dedicated to the 305 Zone. 305 is the area code stretching from Miami to Key West. We also incorporate in this area the rest of Florida. This is because, as a Florida native, I love the water, the sea, palm trees and all things tropical. I also love my state and want to share the good and beautiful things it has to offer. 

All pieces on 305art.shop were personally selected by me with the hope that you find the beauty here that will add to your happiness and wellbeing. 

Here's to being ourselves and to living art-filled lives!